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tv   Sen. Warren Rule XIX conflict w Daines Mc Connell  CSPAN  February 8, 2017 1:30am-1:38am EST

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>> mr. president, on behalf of the sheriffs of america, we provide you with our sculpture, the first time we have provided a sculpture to a nonlaw enforcement person, and we provided to you. the new sheriff in town. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: that's beautiful. >> thank you. announcer: tonight the senator is debating senator jeff sessions nomination. warned ofing violating rule 19 which prohibits members from impugning the motives or conduct of a fellow senator. you are his that part of the debate. equal artr short of
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is and the electoral process. made tocontinue to be deny blacks access to the polls even while blacks constitute the majority of the voters. it has been a long uphill struggle to keep alive the vital that protects the most fundamental right to vote. exhibited so much hostility to the enforcement of those laws --" >> the presiding officer: the senator is reminded that it is a violation of rule 19 of the standing rules of the senate to impute to the another senator or senators any conduct or motive unworthy or becoming a senator. ms. warren: mr. president, i don't think i quite understand. i'm reading a letter from coretta scott king to the judiciary committee from 1986 that was admitted into the record.
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i'm simply reading what she wrote about what the nomination of jeff sessions to be a federal court judge meant and what it would mean in history for her. the presiding officer: this is a reminder not what you just shared. however, you stated that a sitting senator is a disgrace to the department of justice. ms. warren: i think that may have been senator -- although, i would be glad to repeat it in my own words. the presiding officer: the rule applies -- to imputing conduct or motive through any form or voice of a sitting senator. includes quotes, articles, or other materials. ms. warren: so quoting senator kennedy callin calling then-nome sessions a disgrace is a violation of senate rules?
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it was certainly not in 1986. the presiding officer: in the opinion of the chair, it is. ms. warren: so let me understand then -- the presiding officer: the senator is warned. ms. warren: so can i ask an opinion, in the opinion of the chair? i want to understand what this rule means. the presiding officer: the senator will state her inquiry. ms. warren: so is it the contention of the chair that under the rule of the senate, i am not allowed to accurately describe public views of senator sessions, public positions of senator sessions, -- quote -- "public statements" of senator sessions? the presiding officer: the chair has not made a ruling as with respect to the sno the sens comments. the senator is following process and tradition. by reminding the senator of massachusetts of the rule. the presiding officer: -- ms. warren: i'm asking for what this rule means in this qun text. so can i continue with coretta
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scott king's l and reckless decision making." in 2013, senator sessions voted against reauthorizing the violence against women act, a about i will that expanded the protections and services provided to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. there's a piece from the bedford minuteman that really tells the story of how sexual violence impacts massachusetts. and this is what it said. "they are mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, sons, and brothers" -- mr. mcconnell: mr. president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. mcconnell: the senator s. has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from alabama, as warned by the chair. senator warren -- quote -- "said nor sessions has used the awesome paver his office to chill the free exercise of the
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vote by black citizens." i call the senator to order under the provisions of rule 19. ms. warren: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from massachusetts. ms. warren: mr. president, i am surprised that the words of coretta scott king are not suitable for debate in the united states senate. i ask leave of the senate to continue my remarks. the presiding officer: is there objection? mr. mcconnell: i object. rein reason i appeal the rule -- ms. warren: i appeal the ruling. the presiding officer: objection is heard. the senator will take her seat. ms. warren: mr. president, i appeal the ruling of the chair and i suggest the absence of a quorum. >> later, a senate vote upheld the ruling and senator warren
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was barred from the floor for the remainder of the debate. that debate is ongoing and you c-span two. live on >> sunday night, melissa fleming, chief spokesperson for the high commission for refugees recounts a getting syrian women's journey in her book "a hope more powerful than the c." she is interviewed by the president at refugees international. >> how did they get to the point where they felt they had to leave. >> this was 2011, arab spring was happening all around them. all kinds of average families in syria, living under an oppressive regime. they have livelihoods, health care, they are going to school. going about their day-to-day light. this family was not politically active. they are caught up in this kind
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of excitement about, well, actually, other places are changing, maybe things could change here. one was 16-years-old, inspired to go out and see what is happening. she witnesses what is happening to protesters. .nnouncer: sunday night announcer: john kelly testified today at a house hearing on security and immigration. he answered questions about plans to build a wall along the southern border. congressman senator michael mccall chairs the homeland security committee.


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